Helsingfors, Finland, 2017


Basics, extension building: Wooden house on cast ground (concrete slab) -- wood being the natural choice, connecting history and future of the place and its owners. Easily found in the surroundings, it remains the only renewable building material. Glue laminated wooden columns and lattice beams. Wooden floors and interior walls. All wooden surfaces whitewashed, ”paper white”. Exterior glass layer in structural glazing, heat insulated to Southwest. Sun protection if needed, curtains on rolls, incorporated in the roof. Technical systems may be incorporated with existing installations in the manor house through the connecting bridge.

”Greenhouse”: Glass construction on cast ground. Cast floors and stairs. Laminated loadbearing beams in walls and roof. Structural glazing in walls and roof. Glass bridge: Cantilevering wooden beam construction, whitewashed. Wooden floors. Structural glazing in walls and barrier. Sauna suite:


Wooden house on cast ground (concrete slab). Stone floors. Tarred paper on insulated building. Tarred plank paneling.